Is The Perigon in Miami Beach Worth the Hype?

Anthony Guerriero, Jun 21, 2022 9:17:15 AM


Miami Beach is known for its swanky homes, million-dollar views, and pristine beaches. Millions of people call this city home, and you might be tempted to invest in a property that's unique to this region's tropical spirit. Introduce yourself to The Perigon, which is an ultra-luxurious condominium complex that's expected to open in the mid-2020s. Spaces are selling fast as people realize how special this property can be as a primary home or a vacation escape. Learn why The Perigon is worth the hype with a look at its core highlights.

A Serene Environment

Miami Beach attracts tourists from across the globe. Some beach areas can be downright busy any time of year. The Perigon is cleverly placed in the Mid-Beach region of Miami. This community remains relatively quiet as visitors flock to areas far south. This piece of heaven makes it worth the hype.

The building itself is well above sea level with a 13-foot height at its foundation. As its 18 floors rise above this point, The Perigon's serenity continues with its unique shape and design created for an expansive view across the landscape.

Design Expertise

Trust in the designers for The Perigon because they're known throughout the globe for their attention to detail and safety parameters. It takes real talent to design a building that can thrill buyers while appeasing building inspectors across Florida.

The building's exterior is by OMA New York, and the kitchens are expertly refined by Tara Bernerd and Partners. Even the landscaping has a brand-name design to it, which elevates the property to a higher level than any other building in the area. Gustafson, Porter & Bowman are pleased to put their stamp of approval on this property's exterior accents.

Seamless Connections Between the Indoors and Outdoors

Bring the outdoors into your living room and bedrooms with a home at The Perigon. With a handful of different floor plans, this complex guarantees a seamless connection between the terrace and indoors. Each home has multiple slide doors that open wide to your private terrace. In fact, the outdoor square footage rivals the interior with up to a 12-foot-deep design.

Your seamless connection even extends to the ground floor with private elevators serving each individual residence. The Perigon redefines luxury on several levels with these elements.

Size Your Space

Homes for sale in Miami will have a wide variety of sizes that may not necessarily meet your needs; it's either too big or too small. The Perigon is worth a look because the designers created several spaces with ample square footage included.

The most humble property has over 2,200 square feet on the third floor. Other floor plans use 3,000, 4,000, and 5,000 square feet as their blueprints. For the topmost penthouse, expect dimensions of around 8,000 square feet that rivals even the most luxurious villa in Europe.

Multiple Water Views

This property is worth the hype because of its unique views. Depending on the chosen property, you can see up to three bodies of water from your home. The most predominant view is the Atlantic Ocean, but you also have a tranquil waterway that trails behind The Perigon.

Look a bit further to see Biscayne Bay. Sailboats and other vessels dotting the bay are a thrill to see from a high-rise position. The building's designers understood that all three water features were important to fit into the view from your terrace. Visiting several units at The Perigon can give you an idea of the best angle for your investment.

Select Flooring

Investing in The Perigon now is how you can be part of the customizing process. Choose the flooring for your unit so that you're pleased with the material. Currently, select from finished porcelain, wood, or stone flooring. All of the other design elements will match well with any of these selections. The designers ensure that the material choice is complementary to the overall feel of the property. Offering your opinion on a property's ultimate appearance is worth the investment.

Gourmet Kitchens

The kitchen is the busiest part of any home. With function and beauty in mind, Tara Bernerd & Partners have added elements that will last through the toughest cooking days while still looking spectacular.

Enjoy custom kitchens with an Italian flair at The Perigon, including a large island and honed-marble countertops. Alongside this gourmet kitchen is the included appliances. The Sub-Zero Wolf brand comes with each unit so that you can immediately cook up a storm on your first night in. No detail goes without careful thought, which puts The Perigon at the top of the luxury list in Miami Beach.

Extravagant Amenities

Step outside of your property for even more luxurious appointments. Active residents will love the pool, sauna, hot tub, spa, and fitness center. Other amenities include a lobby, residential butler, cabanas, children's play area, and much more.

On the practical side, feel secure with the included 24-hour security as you enjoy other perks, such as the conservatory, restaurant, and nightly bar. Many other highlights are to be added as the property comes to completion. The excitement surrounding The Perigon is richly deserved.

An Intimate Encounter

The Perigon in Miami Beach is worth the investment because it offers intimacy at a distinctly luxurious level. The condominium isn't just a standard, high rise. It's actually a set of four towers that interconnect with each other. With less than 100 properties within the building, The Perigon will be a small community that offers breathtaking views from each space. No property has a limited view. The designers understood that each angle had to maximize the view out on the water in almost any direction. Very few buildings have the views found at The Perigon.

Contact luxury real estate agents in Miami for a preview of The Perigon. This once-in-a-lifetime purchase is bound to thrill the entire family with endless views and luxury appointments throughout the property. This complex is a gem that will continue to shine along Miami Beach's coast for many years.