A Strategy for Buying Your First Rental Property in Miami

Mar 24, 2021 5:01:03 PM

Too many first-time real estate investors just make it past the finish line. Successful first-time real estate investors fly past the finish line and keep on soaring, and too many first-time investors rely on a few tips and tactics. They may be good tips, but successful first-time investors adopt a proven strategy and they stay with it. You should modify tips and tactics to achieve your goal to buy rental property in Miami. Our investor clients base their success strategy on four things.

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10 Miami Homes Under $1M

Jul 13, 2020 5:19:01 PM

Welcome to our new weekly blog that explores what you can buy at different price points within Miami.  Over time, we will explore what is available in single-family homes and condos at prices below $1 million, the mid-luxury segments, and luxury segments over time, across all the best neighborhoods. 

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Best Neighborhoods in Miami to Live or Invest In

Jul 9, 2020 8:39:00 PM

Want to know the best neighborhoods in Miami to either live or invest in? You’ve come to the right place! There are many good reasons that more and more people are looking to buy, rent, sell or invest in property in Miami. The diversity of the coastal area offers a wide range of different residential and commercial buildings, but also a wealth of amenities. 

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Moving to Miami: The Ultimate Guide

Feb 11, 2020 4:56:45 PM

Are you thinking of moving to Miami? You are not alone. Miami has seen significant migration from high tax states, Central and South America and even Europe over the last decade. What is driving this migration? Besides, its low tax environment compared to just about every other major city in the US, Miami has grown up! It is no longer a place to retire, but instead it’s a place to live. To live in a place that has a 24/7 lifestyle, seamlessly mixing business with sun, sand, and sea.

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The Rise Of Surfside and Bal Harbour Real Estate

Jan 10, 2019 4:33:28 PM

The tiny seaside village of Bal Harbour, at the northern tip of Miami Beach, 15 minutes north from South Beach, has come a long way in the last 12 years, from a sleepy seaside community to an ultra-luxury enclave. So has Surfside, its neighbor to the south. The addition of a number of key marquis oceanfront developments in this area have made a huge impact on these neighborhoods, now two of the most exclusive areas in all of Miami Beach.

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Luxury Miami Condos For Sale Changing the 2020 Skyline

Nov 26, 2018 4:30:50 PM

If you are overwhelmed by the hundreds of new development condo options in the Miami area, then you are not alone. According to a new report from Condo Vultures, nearly 2,800 units are on the market asking at least $1 million. That much inventory at such a price point is a first for Miami. First time buyers, especially foreign investors, need a highly experienced real estate agent in Miami when looking for properties. A real estate professional that has been in the business a while, has seen its ups and downs, and knows firsthand the track record of the South Florida developers. You don’t want to get stuck in the wrong development at the wrong time in the wrong location! It will cost you dearly in the long run.

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Why is Your Miami Condo Not Selling?

Sep 13, 2018 11:16:37 AM

A Profound Question

Many luxury real estate owners ask this question after their property has been on the market for too long and before they become our client.

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Why You Need a Highly Experienced Real Estate Agent in Miami

Aug 30, 2018 8:31:15 AM

Miami has long been the playground of the rich and famous. Its vibrant culture and nightlife, sunny weather, great beaches and golf courses, world-class dining, and welcoming vibe attracts visitors, investors, and those who want to relocate. Whether you are considering purchasing a luxury primary residence or a vacation home in Miami, you need an experienced real estate agent.

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New York City's Love Affair With Miami Luxury Real Estate

Aug 26, 2018 6:56:59 AM

There are so many reasons why the people of New York City love Miami. Most New Yorkers love Miami because of the glorious weather and the beaches. Some are learning to love Miami because of the great tax benefits Florida offers. The savings can be so great that many are considering moving their families to Miami, buying a Miami Beach condo to start or even a Miami Beach mansion. And some because, well, it reminds them of "home."

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What You Need to Know When Buying a Pre Construction Miami Condo

Aug 20, 2018 2:40:52 PM

Buying a pre construction Miami condo is an exciting proposition that needs to be planned and approached diligently. When you choose to invest in a development before its construction, you are investing in a vision of the completed project based on blueprints and web, video, or in-person presentations by the developer. Yet, pre-construction projects offer deep discounts to buyers so they can attract financing. You also have the opportunity to be the first owner and have your first choice of floor plans, making the idea of buying pre-construction an attractive option. Here are some of the major things you need to know when buying a pre-construction Miami condo:

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