We will be meeting with our current and former clients and also taking private, one-on-one meetings with potential buyers and sellers.


We are back in Luxembourg to discuss the Manhattan and Miami residential real estate markets. We provide expert advice to foreign nationals on locating, buying, marketing & selling prime properties in Manhattan and Miami where we specialize in residential properties >$1 million USD.


September 11th, 2020


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Foreign Buyer Financing


How Trump tax reform proposals are likely to impact foreign investors.
Five new development properties with extended 20-year tax abatements.
The impact of the Hudson Yards and Second Avenue subway line on NYC real estate.



Manhattan Miami Real Estate serves individuals and families wishing to purchase property either for investment purposes or their own use. We provide our buyers with tailored property searches and utilize our contacts to make sure that every possible property, even future developments that are not on the market yet, are presented to you. As Exclusive Buyer Agents, we represent solely the interests of buyers in their purchase of primary homes, second homes, pied-a-terres, investment property, vacation homes, and homes for children attending a college or university.

We are not the hard sell type of real estate agent and are turned off by such tactics, as are our wealthy clients. We see our job as that of educating – not selling to – our buyers, using real data to back up our analysis. We bring together a strong team of professionals, including attorneys and mortgage brokers, who are schooled in dealing with issues faced by buyers.

Finally, you won’t pay us anything for our First-Class service, as the Seller always pays the sales commission in the US.


One of our specialties is assisting the Foreign Buyer in their purchase of Manhattan and Miami real estate.We truly appreciate how difficult buying a US property might seem to someone living in another country. We strive to make buying a property in the New York City or Miami as simple as can be. With over 75% of our buyers hailing from outside the US, we are foreign buyer experts, something that will help you immensely.

Once we understand your property requirements, we will present you with only the properties that we think will be most suited to you. When you are in NYC or Miami, we will collect you from your hotel, an airport or some other location and accompany you on a chauffeured driven tour of the city, taking you to see all the shortlisted properties and providing color on the local area in terms of property values and character.

We will provide all the relevant information for you to make an educated purchase decision and negotiate the transaction on your behalf. As Exclusive Buyer Agents, we will hold your interests above all others, striving to obtain the best purchase price for the property. Remember, our mission is to grow, protect and preserve your wealth, so we are here to serve you.

We will introduce you to attorneys, mortgage brokers, and tax accountants, as well as provide contacts for schooling, domestic staff, and property management companies, if required. We are used to working with translators and have Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and Korean language-speaking agents to draw from to make the process seamless.

Finally, you, as the buyer, won’t pay us anything for our First-Class service, as the Seller always pays the sales commission in the US.



Manhattan Miami Real Estate serves sellers of luxury properties and provides expert advice on marketing luxury properties.Selling your home or investment property is a big decision. There are many financial and legal consequences of selling a home, so it is important to discuss your plans with your accountant, lawyer, and most importantly, us, your real estate agent. We can be a great resource to a seller, as we are experts in the Manhattan and Miami markets and understand all of the consequences of selling a home.

As Exclusive Seller Agents, or estate agents, we solely represent the seller in the sale of residential property in Manhattan. On your behalf, we will prepare and list your property for sale, market your home to other real estate professionals and buyers, host open houses for both brokers and buyers, and hold private showings of the property. We use the latest cutting-edge technology in marketing our exclusive listings that, combined with our international reach and customer base, provides your property with the greatest possible exposure.

Our allegiance is to only you in the transaction and we will negotiate the highest price possible for the property. Remember, our mission is to grow, protect and preserve your wealth, so we are here to serve you.


Manhattan Miami Real Estate serves landlords of luxury investment properties by sourcing tenants for their properties. We have leased some of the best properties in Manhattan and Miami. Our goal is to maximize the rental income of your investment property in the right time frame.While letting a property can seem like a challenging experience, we are committed to making the lease of your property straightforward. Our dedicated team has experience in every step in the process – listing properties for rent, marketing rental listings, screening tenants, terminating leases and renewing leases.

In Manhattan, fees for this are payable by the tenant, so you would not pay anything for this service. The tenant typically pays 15% of the first year annual rent. In Miami, the practice is different, as landlords pay for this service, usually 10% of the annual rent.


Manhattan Miami Real Estate serves clients relocating and in search of luxury properties. We have rented some of the best properties in Manhattan and Miami to our clients. Renting a home can be one of the most flexible ways to move into a new area. Whether a job relocation has brought you to a new city, you want to rent an apartment while refurbishing your own home, or you wish to try out a new area before you buy, we have access to all properties for rent in Manhattan and Miami.

We can advise on the most suitable places for you to live to fit with your desired commute and lifestyle. Should you decide to rent a property through Manhattan Miami Real Estate we would like to make you aware of what charges will apply in Manhattan, as it is practice that the tenant pays 15% of the annual rent. In Miami, the practice is different, as landlords pay for this service, usually 10% of the annual rent.

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