Search New York Properties For Sale with Agentfolio

ricardo, 9/11/14 2:36 PM

Agentfolio provides a unique collaboration experience between our homebuyers and Manhattan Miami Real Estate agents. With Agentfolio, the entire home buying process becomes a much more efficient and pleasant experience. Agentfolio has all of the available New York properties for sale in its databases. In addition, Agentfolio is the only real estate platform that allows multiple people involved in a home search to collaborate in a central place, rather than crowded email inboxes.

Provide us with some parameters, such as size, budget and any particulars (Central Park view, river view, with terrace, etc.) and we will prepare a search for you based on our extensive knowledge of particular buildings and units within buildings. Or, if you want to prepare a search yourself, the search function is very simple to use. Follow the directions to sign up for Agentfolio. Once in Agentfolio, while searching available properties for sale, simply move those you find interesting to the To Review section. Then, after comparing properties to each other in the To Review section, move those you want to see to the To See Section. Finally, after physically viewing the properties in the To See section, for those you really liked, move them to the Saw and Liked section.

Along the way, buyers and agents can add comments to each individual property within the system. Homebuyers can add a husband, wife, mother or friend to their search, making the search of New York properties for sale a unique collaboration between everyone involved in the process.

Search New York Properties for Sale with Agentfolio