432 Park Avenue

ricardo, 5/26/14 12:50 PM

Set to be one of the very tallest residential buildings in New York at a height of 1,398 feet, 432 Park Avenue will tower above all of its neighbors, including 520 Park Avenue, which lies three blocks north and is only 781 feet tall. The building sits directly south of the Four Season’s Hotel - between 57th and 56th Streets and Park and Madison Avenues – a location that has long been synonymous with luxury. 432 Park Avenue is in the middle of construction and completion is anticipated for 2015.

This is one of my personal favorites because of its towering height and unique design. Inspired by the purity of the square, Architect Rafael Vinoly designed the building’s floor plan in the form of square and used inspiration of the square throughout his design, including in the size of each window, which is an enormous 10 feet by 10 feet wide. To prevent vertigo at such tall heights, and accommodate any design style (modern, contemporary or traditional), the windows begin 18 inches from the floor, which adds a very different feel than from a curtain-walled building. Another design element that I appreciate is the ceiling height, which will be 12’6” with dropped ceilings. However, from slab to slab the height is a very tall 15 feet, which will allow for some interior design creativity of having different heights, if so desired. Given the differing ceiling heights among the UL-7, the 70th floor at 432 Park Avenue will be at a much higher altitude than say the 70th floor at One57 or other competitors. There is no hotel component at 432 Park Avenue, which I consider a plus. And, the residences start on the 39th floor, allowing for this tony building to be stocked with many first-class amenities, including a private restaurant and motor court (like 15 Central Park West), swimming pools, fitness center, housekeeping, room service, parking, and among others. Complementing residences on the upper floors, the developer is selling staff quarters and private office condos exclusively for owners on the lower floors.

With such a large building floor plate of 8,500 square feet, prices of full floors will be out of reach for even the most well to do. At the time of this writing, prices per square foot range from $4,900 per square foot for entry level to $9,500 per square foot for the tallest units. In dollar terms, entry level apartments start at close to $18 million and it has been reported that the penthouse is in contract for $95 million. Occupancy anticipated in 2015.  432 Park Avenue is exclusively marketed by Elliman and Macklowe. To learn more about each of the Ultra-Luxury 7 buildings developing along the 57th Street corridor, click on the links below: