Manhattan Takes All Types

ricardo, 8/14/12 1:23 PM

From the exhibitionistic residents of High Line, to secluded apartments for dolls, to the most lavish bachelor pads in the world, Manhattan has as many
unique characters as it does properties that suit them. Let's take a look at luxury of a different kind: the one-of-a-kind homes designed for the quirks, passions, and slightly eccentric tastes of the world's most wealthy investors.

Imagine purchasing an apartment strictly to be seen. While some of us turn to thick curtains and hedges for privacy, the Facebook generation wants to share every detail of their lives with friends and strangers alike. And for those who want to take status updates to a whole next level – the High Line is where they can live out loud. Located near 23rd Avenue, the Manhattan properties have large windows open to the park, leaving the daily domestic lives of its tenants potentially exposed to passers by. Of the High Line “private public discourse” properties, the closest to the park is HL23: brainchild of architect Neil Denari. HL23’s multi-million dollar residences are designed to feel a part of the park experience, with the owners as human art on display. For those who live on the main floor, Denari quipped, “[they] are probably not eccentric recluses looking for a haven.”

There are also Manhattan properties for those who ferociously guard their privacy, even to the point of completely disappearing, and giving their home to their toys. The top floor of 907 Fifth Avenue was one of the homes of reclusive copper heiress Huguette Clark. Its only tenants for the last twenty years were her hundreds of dolls. The collection is estimated to be worth millions of dollars. Ms. Clark had three apartments at that address, worth $55 million in total, yet she spent two decades in the hospital, even though she was in good health. Until she passed away this year, no one knew where she was.

For the quintessential Playboy, Manhattan’s most expensive penthouse is now on the market. The sprawling 8,000 square foot bachelor’s paradise in midtown Manhattan is asking a cool $100 million. If it sells, it will be a record-breaker for the city (one just sold in May for $90 million. The current owner bought it for $4.5 million almost 20 years ago. Competing against this $100 million penthouse are 5 other properties currently listed for at least $90,000,000.

Manhattan properties are a magnet for the elite. As prices continue to climb, the world’s wealthiest begin to make their appearance. Often, with great success and power, comes interesting idiosyncrasies, and there is no city in the world more accommodating than Manhattan.


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