Answers to FAQ's by Foreigners Interested in Buying and Selling NY Real Estate

Ricardo Mello, 3/14/18 3:25 PM

As foreign buyer specialists, we are often asked many legal and tax questions by our foreign buyers. For instance, Can a foreigner buy property in the US? What taxes does a foreigner need to pay when buying Real Estate in New York? What is FIRPTA? Should I set up an LLC or should I buy in my own name? These are just a few of the questions that have been asked over and over from our foreign buyers.

We thought it would be helpful to our clients to hear directly from experts for answers to these questions. Accordingly, we have asked Wendy Fitzsimons, Esq., and Pierre Debbas, Esq., of Romer Debbas LLP to answer the Top 10 frequently asked questions we receive from our foreign buyers.

For a list of the top foreign buyer frequently questions and answers to those questions, please see the full set of FAQs on the link below.

Tax And Legal Issues for Foreigners Buying & Selling New York Real Estate

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